新客戶限時優惠:7.76HKD = 1 USDT,立即交易!Limited Offer for New Customers: 7.76HKD = 1 USDT
新客戶限時優惠:7.76HKD = 1 USDT,立即交易!Limited Offer for New Customers: 7.76HKD = 1 USDT

Ethereum trading: 4 Exchange Platforms to Trade ETH in Singapore

Ethereum (ETH) is known as the second most valued cryptocurrency. With the advanced technology and the growing DeFi environment, demand for ETH is as well on an upward trend. Despite the early losses along with Bitcoin last week, the coin’s native blockchain was trading 4% higher and reach near $3,135 at press time, according to Coindesk. Ether has always proved itself as a competitive cryptocurrency, especially with the rapid development of the Ethereum blockchain, which attracts more crypto traders to trade ETH in Singapore. 

While DeFi attracts the attention of institutional investors, the trick worked on ETH as well. Genesis recorded Bitcoin’s dominance in market cap declined from over 70% to under 45%, while ether and prominent DeFi tokens doubled in value during Q2. And more mainstream institutional players are interested in investing in ETH. More people are willing to process their transactions over the Ethereum network. 

Given that the valuation of ETH has risen over the past years, it is always a good investment option, no matter you are looking for a short-term or a long–term investment. Trading cryptocurrencies is also a common trend in Singapore for crypto traders to earn some profits from them. When you are looking where to trade ETH in Singapore, you may consider the following four crypto exchange platforms!

Coinhako – A renowned exchange to buy Ethereum in Singapore and Asia

Coinhako is a renowned crypto exchange in Singapore, supporting quick and secure access to Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cardano, and many more cryptocurrencies. Its services and products are designed to improve access to financial services for the mass market in Asia. So, it would be more hassle-free to trade on Coinhako, especially you are in Singapore or other Asian regions.

Apart from its secure crypto trading services, it offers multi-functional cryptocurrency Super Wallet features. Users can enjoy market-best cryptocurrencies services on just one e-wallet, to trade and store your assets safely. Coinhako also supports multi-payment solutions which include bank transfers, Visa & Mastercard payments, and more to come in the future.


Independent Reserve – The Government Approved Digital Assets Exchange Platform

Independent Reserve is Singapore’s digital assets exchange. It has received approval in principle to operate locally, which is the principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) to operate digital payment token services.

It is one of the exchanges which has a good reputation in Singapore, tradeing in AUD, USD, NZD, and SGD via Inter Bank Transfer and SWIFT. Users do not have to concern much about the safety of trading, as it encrypts with geo-dispersed data centers, and top-tier underground vaults used to protect your data and crypto.


Paybis – Trade ETH in Singapore with Credit Card or Debit Card

Paybis is licensed by the FinCEN Department of the Treasury, United States of America. It covers more than 180 countries and supports worldwide payments, including SGD to ETH. It supports high spending limits with purchase amounts of up to $20,000 per order or $50,000 monthly.

The significant feature of Paybis is that it supports instant crypto trading with credit cards or debit cards. It is simple to make your purchase with your cards when you select credit card as your payment method. Users can also trade Ethereum with a low commission rate on Paybis, and for users who make the first transaction, you do not have to pay for the fee!!


ETH Pro – The ETH Trading Specialist Help you to Trade ETH in Singapore

ETH Pro is the ETH OTC specialist in Hong Kong. It trades an average daily volume of 10M+ USDT.  ETH Pro supports multiple payment options, international bank transfers like SWITFT, cash settlement, FPS, Alipay HK, and local banks transfer are available. If you are currently staying in Hong Kong, and want to trade ETH, you can contact us and trade at our physical office.

The trading process on ETH Pro is simple. First, contact us through Whatsapp or Telegram and arrange an appointment through online KYC with your trader. After you agree on the best quotes with our traders, you can start your trading. If you conduct an OTC trade, like ETH-SGD, you can settle your transaction within 15 minutes.


There is always a risk with all types of investment. Investors should get familiar with the digital assets environment and the selected trading platform before you start your trading!

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In Cryptro, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose projects directly to the network. Anything you can do.

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In Cryptro, everyone has a voice and the ability to propose projects directly to the network. Anything you can do.

121 Park Ave S New York 10003

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